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Join us the first and third Sunday of each month for this message series. Pastor Bob Adkins is taking us through a jorney to enable our Church to maintain a Revival Culture and see an awakening birthed. This series is based upon action steps identified in Steve Wilson's book Keep The Fire Burning: Creating and Sustaining a Revival Culture In the Local Church
These action steps are: 

1.       Birthed and carried in Intercessory Prayer.

2.       Create and maintain a Revival Culture.

3.       Develop a life of power that is Naturally Supernatural.

4.       Frequent and repeated Testimonies are a key to sustaining faith.

5.       Showing the Goodness of God is the bedrock of revival.

6.       Understanding our identity brings the gift of righteousness in reach.

7.       Develop a personality of Hope so we live in expectancy.

8.       The greatest of these is Love. 

9.       Honoring one another is the value system of Heaven.

10.     Prioritize freedom over order.

11.     Living in Joy ushers in the atmosphere of Heaven.

12.     Constantly walking in Forgiveness allows the Church to function with limitless restoration.

13.     Unity among God’s people shows the world the truth of Jesus.