Halloween Prayers of Spiritual Warfare and Blessings

1.      Spiritual Warfare for late evening on Oct. 31st:

(NOTE: Consider dedicating yourself to perform intercessory prayer specifically during the hours of 11:30 pm – 12:30 am. (If possible continue until 3:00 am)

a.       Partake in Holy Communion

b.      Release the godly opposites through praising and worshiping God.

c.       Pray scriptural blessings over family, Church family, community and self.

d.      Pray on specific topics and assignments of the enemy as led by Holy Spirit.

e.      Consider speaking blessings and praying protection for the innocent more than addressing the evil that many are participating in.

f.        Intercession Prayer point suggestions:                                                               

i.      Pray for the community to be covered by the Blood of Christ.                                                         

ii.      Pray that those ignorant of what they are partaking in will be protected and that their spiritual eyes will be open to evil.                                                           

iii.      Pray for protection of all the children who are walking the streets or going to parties.                                                           

iv.      For those who practicing pagans plan to recruit will be prevented from attending the ceremonies and will see truth.                                                             

v.      Cancel curses released against Pastors, Churches and all Christians.                                                           

vi.      Release blessings in place of curses.                                                         

vii.      Pray all hexes, curses, spells, voodoo and witchcraft against the people of God be broken.                                                       

viii.      Pray for Pastors (marriages, family, health, preaching ability)                                                           

ix.      Pray for other believers to be given wisdom and to be drawn to repentance where necessary.                                                             

x.      Pray that hardness of people’s hearts and their conscience will be tenderized and turn to full repentance as they find Jesus as their savior.                                                           

xi.      For those worshipping Satan

1.      Pray for confusion to fall upon them and that their plans will be halted.

2.      Pray for confusion to be in their worship services.

3.      Pray for those who have been abducted to find a way of escape.

4.      Pray that their veil of secrecy be lifted, and their works be exposed. That Law enforcement will discover them, and that evidence of their crimes is preserved.

5.      Pray that their recruits will discern their false doctrine and that they will not be deceived by their false teachings.

6.      Pray that their hunger for power will be broken.

7.      Pray that the transference of spirits will be interrupted.                                                         

xii.      Pray for Love, that God’s people will be firmly rooted in love. That they learn to hate the evil but not the individual who is in bondage to that evil.                                                       

xiii.      Pray for their priest or other leaders of pagan covens be born again.

g.       Pray blessings as led by Holy Spirit