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COVID-19 in North Dakota and Ward County is now designated in the "Low Risk" of transmission. In fact, the numbers are close to entering the "New Normal" level. We praise God for this move from near critical risk just a few weeks ago. 

While this is great and praise-worthy news we need to still be diligent. 

We still all that all our congregants consider the following guidelines:  

1.      If you are sick with viral symptoms – stay home and watch online.

2.      Social distancing of 6 feet between others is recommended. (Of course, this does not apply to family members.)

3.      Cover your face when coughing or sneezing and wash your hands afterwards.

4.     The CDC still recommends the use of face mask, but this is left up to your personal preference.

5.      Please sanitize your hands by washing them or using sanitizer upon entering the building. Sanitizer will be available by the front door.

6.      Wash your hands frequently, Health Professionals indicated handwashing is preferred over hand sanitizer use. 

7.      Consider the desires of others. Ask them before shaking hands or touching them. Honor their preference without judgment. For the comfort of others use hand sanitizer between contacts.

8.      We will continue to pray for people and will anoint them with oil for healing. However, when possible, we will use hand sanitizer before laying hands on you.

9.      Consider staying home and watching online if you are: in a high-risk health group, have infant children, etc.

10.  We will be sanitizing frequently touched surfaces between services. 

11.  Clean up after yourself if you make a mess. Ensure you properly dispose of any facial tissues you use.

Thank You for your support of Glory to Glory Ministries. Blessing to you and your household.